Black and White

Ragno black and white

You found me!

The alpine clematis is a small lianose plant that inhabits the mountain and sub-alpine woods. Characteristic are the solitary flowers, pendulous with a beautiful violet color.After spotting the flower I immediately noticed the presence of a tiny spider. The flower, albeit small, close to the spider, looked huge. I quickly installed the extension on the macro lens and I hooked the camera on the tripod to be able to approach the tiny subject. That day there was the wind that made it difficult to complete the picture, as the flower was moving. I had to make several shots in order to achieve a sharp focus.

The cotton flower

Beak Beard (scientific name Tragopogon pratensis) is an herbaceous biennial plant, up to 100 cm high. The flowering period goes from May to September, depending on the areas that can go from the plane to the mountains. Pollination is done through bees and insects of various kinds. The flowers of the corolla are of intense yellow color, the fruits are rough achenes, with long beaked pappus radiating outwards interwoven like a spider's web of fine white side hairs. To make this photo I used the tripod, a macro lens, and an extension tube.

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